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Education Top Tips

Education courses can be a great way to pick up tips that help people face the day-to-day challenges of living with diabetes.

If you’ve been on an education course, we want to hear from you about what tips you took away, and how these helped you to know your diabetes. Whatever tip you found most useful from your diabetes course, we want to hear it!

We'll use the tips you've shared with us to produce a free resource for people with living with diabetes, to give everyone an idea of the valuable nuggets of information you can pick up on a course

So by sharing your tip, you're helping many more people manage their diabetes. You'll also encourage others to attend these courses, gaining life-changing knowledge and skills.

Taking part and sharing your tips will only take a few minutes and we will read every  tip we receive. Once we produce the final resource, we’ll share these top tips publically, and with you (if you opt in to receive the free resource).