Ask your next MP to take diabetes seriously

On  8 June, people in your area will choose their next Member of Parliament in the UK General Election. That's why we need you to ask your local candidates to get behind the Diabetes Manifesto.

The Diabetes Manifesto sets out what needs to happen so everyone living with all types of diabetes across the UK can enjoy better care and support. It also tells politicians what they can do to help more people avoid Type 2 diabetes.

But to make these changes happen, we need the backing of MPs from all parties and all parts of the country. Please ask all candidates in your area to take diabetes seriously and get behind the Diabetes Manifesto.

What is the Diabetes Manifesto?

Our Diabetes Manifesto gives politicians of all parties the chance to commit to tackling the diabetes crisis. As they ask you for your votes, we can use the Diabetes Manifesto to ask them to take diabetes seriously.

There are five pledges in the Diabetes Manifesto we want every politician standing in this election to get behind. We want your next MP to: 

Support people to better manage their diabetes

To help more people manage their diabetes successfully, we want everyone to have the chance to learn about their diabetes through diabetes education courses and other appropriate learning options.

Prevent life-threatening and costly diabetes complications

Less than half of people living with Type 2 diabetes are reaching their treatment targets, and this figure is even lower for people living with Type 1 diabetes (18 per cent). This puts these people at higher risk of devastating complications like amputation, blindness and stroke. That's why we need better diabetes care, including specialists teams ready to help people living with diabetes avoid these terrible complications. For this to happen, we also need the NHS to commit to continued funding for improving diabetes care.

Improve diabetes care in hospital

One-in-six people staying in hospital now have diabetes. So trained inpatient diabetes teams must be a priority for hospitals throughout the UK. When staying in hospital, people living with diabetes should also be given the option to self-manage their own diabetes where appropriate.

Ensure children with Type 1 diabetes are Safe in School

By law all schools in England should have a medical conditions policy in place to guide staff on how to care for children with Type 1 diabetes and other medical conditions. But 2017 research by the Medical Conditions in School Alliance shows only 10 per cent of schools could show they had a policy in place. This is putting the 31,500 children with Type 1 diabetes at unnecessary risk. We want the Department for Education and school inspector Ofsted to take action to help schools protect all children with Type 1 diabetes.

Reducing obesity and preventing Type 2 diabetes

Up to 58 per cent of Type 2 diabetes can be prevented or delayed, and one of the major risk factors of Type 2 diabetes is obesity. That's why it's so important the government commits to serious action to reduce obesity throughout the UK. The UK Government needs to work with food manufacturers, advertisers, the NHS and national administrations across the UK to help people make healthier choices and avoid obesity. Right now 1 in 4 people in the UK are at increased risk of Type 2 diabetes.

If we fail to make changes now, the diabetes crisis will only get worse. 

You can read the Diabetes Manifesto in full on the Diabetes UK website.

Please add your details then click on the button below. 

You'll then see a template letter which you can edit and send to the candidates in your area.

Someone is diagnosed with diabetes in the UK every two minutes. Without your passion and commitment, we wouldn’t be able to campaign, research for a cure, or support people living with diabetes.

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