finger pricks, test strips and blood drips. And counting...

Finger prick testing. It's a bloody pain.

We want to show decision makers in Scotland and England the impact that flash technology has on people’s lives. We're starting by telling them the number of times our supporters have had to prick their fingers over the course of their lives.

Use our finger prick calculator to work out your finger prick total and email your MP, or MSP if you’re in Scotland, asking for their support to end daily finger pricks and blood drips.

(If you don't do finger prick tests, you can still contact your MP or MSP - just don't fill in the calculator part of the form).


What's the Flash postcode lottery? 

 Join the Fight for Flash

We know finger pricking is for many people necessary and often complimentary to managing their diabetes. But new flash glucose monitoring could mean that for some, unnecessary finger pricking is a thing of the past. We believe everyone, no matter where they live, who could benefit from flash should have access to it.

This revolutionary technology helps people to safely manage their condition, reducing the risk of serious diabetes related complications such as amputation and blindness.

Six months ago, the NHS announced it could be made available across the UK. Yet over half of areas in England and Scotland still don’t have access – creating an unfair postcode lottery.

Please contact your MP or MSP today so daily finger pricks and blood drips can stop.


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How many finger pricks have you done?

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