6,862 want #FoodUpfront

Thanks so much to everyone who joined the call for clear, compulsory and consistent food labelling. It was an amazing response that shows what an important issue this is. 

Now the petition is closed, we’ve taken your demands to the Prime Minister. And we’re asking her to take action. 

She’s already heard MPs asking questions in Parliament and saw front page headlines on the need for clear food labelling. Signatures like yours made that happen.

Once government responds, we’ll let you know what they say, and what we need to do next. If you’d like to receive these updates, but didn’t sign the petition, then sign up to the Food Upfront campaign now.

If you’ve already signed the petition, there’s no need to sign up again. Thanks again for your support: you’ve already helped get the government, and the nation, to take food labelling seriously.

What we want

We want compulsory, clear and consistent:

  • Front-of-pack traffic light labelling on all pre-packaged foods sold in the UK.
  • Calorie labelling in key restaurants, cafes and takeaways, with carbohydrate content available online or when requested in store.
  • Carbohydrate content labelling on products per portion or per individual unit as prepared.


What is the evidence? 

There’s a lot of evidence showing food labelling is really important: 

  • The Food Standards Agency found that labelling using colour-coding and the words ‘high’, ‘medium’ and ‘low’ helps shoppers quickly understand what’s in the food and compare different products so they make a decision about what they want.
  • We heard through the Future of Diabetes survey that people with diabetes want more information about the food they eat.
  • Almost three quarters of you said that all companies using the same food labelling system on the packaged foods would help make decisions easier.
  • Currently, front of pack traffic light labelling and calorie labelling is not mandatory. Companies can do what they want and one in three products in shops do not have clear traffic light labels. Only a few retailers provide full nutritional information to their customers.
  • Public surveys reveal that only three in ten people feel they have enough information about what's in their food.

Thank you for backing Food Upfront

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