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Flash Glucose Monitoring technology can now be prescribed on the NHS. But it’s now up to local health decision makers to decide who can get access in each local area. 

Help us find out if Flash is available in your area by speaking to your diabetes healthcare professional at your next appointment. 

This will help us spread the word amongst other people with diabetes in your area. 

Here are 3 questions you could ask:

  1. Are you aware Flash Glucose Monitoring (FreeStyle Libre) technology has been approved to be prescribed on the NHS from November 1? 
  2. Do you know what the local policy is for prescribing Flash technology?
  3. Can you find this out as I am interested in the technology? 

Once you've asked the questions, please fill in the boxes below to share their responses. 

You may also want to share our guideline on Flash technology with them. 

After you've shared your feedback, we'll email you occasional updates about the campaign and let you know about other ways you can get involved.


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